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Squalane naturally occurs in the body as one of the lipids produced by the glands in the skin to lubricate and protect your skin. Squalane is also found in Olive oil and other plant sources like Rice bran oil, Sugarcane and Wheat germ oil. Squalane is not to be confused with Squalene, which is the non-hydrogenated form of shark liver oil.

Kudu’s Squalane is derived from mediterranian grown sustainable olives. It’s 100% pure and natural, non-toxic, clinically tested, hypo-allergenic and does not clog pores. It is clear and non-fragrant.


Squalane is a highly-effective moisturizer with an ability to penetrate the skin’s tissues quickly (it does so on average at a rate of 3 mm per second), delivering vital moisture and nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin. It is non-irritating and a natural antioxidant, those abilities combined making it an amazing product for even the most sensitive skin.

The production of Squalane starts to decline in our 20s contributing to the ageing process of the skin. Using Squalane topically may help prevent and combat the signs of fine lines and wrinkles, restore the balance of the skin’s oils locking in natural moisture. It also creates a barrier between the skin and the environment keeping skin protected from oxidative stress.


Squalane works great on all skin types. It nourishes, repairs and fights the signs of sun damage and premature ageing. Those with oily and combination skin will appreciate its lightweight texture. It has anti-bacterial properties which may help reduce the symptoms of existing acne and inflammation. Those with dry to very dry skin will find adding Squalane to their daily skin care routine beneficial.

Squalane has shown to have a number of positive effects on skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and scarring. Much like retinol, Squalane is believed to fight free radicals and help the skin defend itself against UV-light damage.

Squalane is used in beauty clinics after chemical peels and by medical professionals to help soothe and repair medically treated skin.


-  use it on its own, smooth a few drops onto clean, dry skin, (morning and night) or mix it with your regular moisturizer or serum to boost effectiveness.

-  Squalane works great as a make-up primer (no added silicones, fillers or nasty pore-clogging ingredients!). It will mattify skin whilst  providing a dewy glow, creating a velvety base for make-up to glide over it flawlessly and stay put for longer.

-  mix with foundation for extra radiance and staying power or use it on your cheekbones as a highlighter.

-  Squalane works great on dry and brittle hair, add a few drops on the ends of your hair to make your strands shiny, supple and strong.

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