"I just recently started using the KUDU COSMETICA squalane oil and bio-active hydration serum to help restore my skins function and promote a healthy complexion. I have been applying it just before I use my regular moisturizer just before bed. It’s amazing how just a few drops covers my entire face and moisturizes it without leaving an oily residue.

I’ve been hitting the beach almost everyday this week and I cannot believe how dry my skin has become. I prefer to use the bio-active hydration serum immediately after a day in the sun, for deep hydration and nourishment where ads I would use the squalane oil as a daily application to retain natural moister and improve texture and tone.
What I love mostly about these products is the minimal brown bottle packaging and the fact that it is local and 100% cruelty free."

-Tara-Lee Mc Nulty

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