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An ultra-nourishing lightweight oil. Easily absorbed, hemi-squalane is delivering an immediate moisture boost and increasing elasticity. With a silky light feel suitable for all skin types and an excellent product for oily or acne prone skin. Non greasy and will not block pores.

 A repairing hair oil and a natural choice to silicone, hemi-squalane is biodegradable and therefore will not build up over time like silicone. Reducing frizz, breakage or damage, provides thermal protection and strengthens the hair shaft from the inside out.

30 ML / 1 FL. OZ.

What to expect

.With a low molecular weight, Hemi-Squalane spreads smoothly and evenly. Leaving an ultra-light yet sumptuously moisture feeling. Hemi-Squalane is absorbed instantly leaving your skin feeling hydrated and fresh without the heaviness of other oils.

What's in it

Hemi-Squalane is 100% plant derived according to ISO 16128 standards. Sustainably sourced and manufactured, conforming with ECOCERT’s natural cosmetic standard.


Refines texture and improves skin elasticity.
Supports the skin barrier's natural function by reducing moisture loss.

How to use

Skin Application: Apply a few drops to the entire face once daily or as needed.

Hair Application: Work through clean, damp hair daily or as needed to reduce the appearance of frizz for a soft and smooth finish to the hair shaft.


INCI: C13-15 Alkane

Recycling Instructions

Place outer carton into paper recycling.
Clean the pipette with warm water then gently remove it from the dropper by pulling downward, and recycle. Next, remove the soft bulb and discard it in the trash, but recycle the plastic collar.
Rinse the glass bottle thoroughly and recycle.

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