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Kudu’s Squalane will soften, nourish and replenish your skin instantly. Helps skin retain natural moisture, improving texture and tone, leaving skin silky-smooth to the touch without an oily or greasy after-feel.

A luxurious, light-weight natural moisturizer perfect for all skin types. Derived from sustainably grown Olives.

30 ML / 1 FL. OZ.

    What to expect

    .Expect softer, nourished skin with visibly improved elasticity, radiance and even skin tone. Squalane does not have an oily feel. It is lightweight, clear and scentless. Clinically tested and proven to be non-irritating.

    What's in it

    Squalane naturally occurs in the body as one of the lipids produced by the glands to lubricate and protect your skin. In our twenties the production of Squalane begins to decline, contributing to the aging process of the skin. Applying Squalane helps prevent and combat fine lines and wrinkles, soften and smooth the skin.


    Instantly hydrates and softens the skin.
    Promotes skin elasticity and moisture retention.
    Improves texture and an even skin tone.
    Helps restore the balance of the skin.
    Fragrance and preservative free

    How to use

    After cleansing and toning apply 2-3 drops on your fingertips and gently massage into moist skin. Use alone or blended with your daily moisturizer. Use twice daily or more often if required.


    Squalane (Phytosqalan)

    Recycling Instructions

    Place outer carton into paper recycling.
    Clean the pipette with warm water then gently remove it from the dropper by pulling downward, and recycle. Next, remove the soft bulb and discard it in the trash.
    Rinse the glass bottle thoroughly and recycle.

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